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                                                                          Headteacher's message:

Each and every day, I feel a great sense of pride in the Norton Road Primary School’s incredibly diverse community of children, parents and staff and how we strive to:
We follow a ‘growth mindset’ approach to developing each child, and offer a diverse and rich curriculum in which each child can truly excel. Our children are happy at school and genuinely enjoy learning. We take an inclusive approach to the education of our children and during their time with us, they make evident academic progress. But the outcomes we achieve are much more far-reaching than this; we also place great emphasis on developing the ‘whole child’ through focusing on good manners, honesty, showing respect, cooperation and collaboration, taking responsibility for themselves and other vital life skills such as first aid, learning to ride a bicycle or speak a different language. It’s wonderful to see them flourishing and thriving during their time at school and successfully meet the ‘Norton 19’ targets. Mrs Asghar 












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